Beiwanese Civil War
Date 2014
Location Beiwan
  • Communist Victory
  • destruction of the Fascists and the Monarchists

Flag of the Yu State Yu (state)   

Flag of Beiwan People's Republic of Beiwan 

Flag of the Han Dynasty Han Dynasty  


Flag of the Yu State Not worth Mentioning 

Flag of Beiwan Big Brother

Flag of Beiwan Justin Po

Flag of the Han Dynasty Not worth Mentioning 

Flag of the Yu State 11 Flag of Beiwan 3000

Imperial Shurigawan Military flag 1

Injuries and losses

The Beiwanese Civil war (also known as the Second Shikaeshi War in Shurigawa) is a war in Beiwan between the self-proclaimed Social Republic of Beiwan The Communist government (with surrenderd on 6 november 2014) and the Rebel Han Dynasty with support of Choseon Shurigawa and Meijing Soon the Communists had crushed the Fascists and the monarchists 

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